Restoration is successful, 250 GT California is yours.

1957 Ferrari 250 GT California is restorable car. You can get it from Classiche Restoration location.

To unlock this restoration, you need to restore 288 GTO. You need 66 parts to build this car.

Power of this car is 461, class is star. 

If this car is for normal sale, price will be 1,350,000 Gold Coins or 405 Blue Points and you earn 6,750 XP. Only red colour is available.

Model 1967 Ferrari 250 GT Califnornia
Power 461
Class star
How to get it

Classiche Restoration


Pistons, Spark Plugs, Gears 3 x 7
Gaskets, Valves, Leather Sheets 3 x 15

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